About Us

Contagious Outdoor Sporting (C.O.S), is a lifestyle brand that empowers men and women as active outdoor sporting adventurers!

Do you have a strong passion for the great outdoors?  Do you enjoy getting away from your daily routine for a spontaneous adventure?  If so, that's wonderful because we're all about "human-powered" outdoor adventure!   We want to attract individuals and groups, like us, who love Playing In The Wild!

We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and seek out the special connection that lies between human and nature...  Whether you wander through wild fields, ascend mountain tops, trail run, climb crags or boulders, repel waterfalls, traverse icy mountains, slackline across a valley, paddle through waters, downhill mountain bike, or maybe even yoga Practice in wild... no matter, it's all considered epic adventure.

We strive every day to inspire, motivate and give back to our community.  It's simple, wherever your passion lies outdoors, we support you...

We have found that each time you explore into the wild, it's not just a hobby... it consumes you... like a disease... 

It's Contagious!

Our Slogan

Keep It Contagious™ - Nothing but you, the outdoors and your creative imaginations.  There is no limit; just pure, raw adventure.



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