Hello Adventurers,

 Each month we will choose 2 special photo features for every single Monday.  These photos are shared with us by using our original tag #KeepItContagious.  These features will contain one man and one women, #MisterContagiousMonday & #MissContagiousMonday. 

(We surf for these photos on all of our SOCIAL-MEDIA engine hashtags; Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.)

Between these two features, only one will be entered into our monthly contest!  The selected photo is declared by The most "liked" photo between the two features.  The official record of each ones "likes" are taken at the end of the month.  be sure to tag your friends/family to rack up some extra love before then!

With that being said- Depending on the month, there will be a total of 4-5 photos entered into the monthly contest.  Each contest poll will be "LIVE" during the following month. (i.e., February's contest will have a "LIVE" poll during the month of March for voting.)

How do you Win?  RACK-UP the most votes on the poll and the prize is yours!!

So what are you waiting for?  Tag us on your adventures and that winner might be YOU!!


"Want to better your chances in landing a MCM feature?  Tag all of your adventures with #KeepItContagious and depending on your sex, use #MisterContagiousMonday or #MissContagiousMonday to help us find YOUR adventure."


Good luck....

and remember to "Keep It Contagious"